Sustainability Leadership

Our Complex World Demands Radical New Leadership

Even today’s most successful leaders find their worlds overwhelmingly complex. Yet, at the Sustainability Leadership Institute, we believe people have an extraordinary ability to expand consciousness and generate actions, turning complex challenges into platforms for change.

Now is the time to address the long-held assumptions and habits that have led us to compromise the long-term health of our organizations, our local and global communities, and planet earth. The survival of a single person ultimately depends on the survival of life forms of every kind -- human beings and other species -- as well as the preservation of life-sustaining resources of the earth.

The Sustainability Leadership Institute draws on extensive research to provide unique experiential settings in which people choose to become what we call "sustainability leaders".

Sustainability leaders are individuals who are compelled to make a difference by deepening their awareness of themselves in relation to the world around them. In doing so, they adopt new ways of seeing, thinking and interacting that result in innovative, sustainable solutions.

The Sustainability Leadership Institute welcomes the opportunity to provide support as you:

  • Grapple with complex organizational, community and global issues;
  • Work with others to create and implement innovative solutions;
  • Consciously engage in collaborative, transformative change.

The pursuit of the Sustainability Leadership Institute is to work side-by-side with people who are passionate about living and leading the way
toward a sustainable future!

SLI 2419 S. 102nd St., Omaha, NE  68124

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