Sustainability Leadership

Connecting minds and hearts to discover infinite possibilities: Interactive forums enable leaders to experience radical shifts in how they see themselves and the situations they encounter. New insights lead to expanded possibilities. Invention and experimentation lead to results that work, while new patterns of thinking and being begin to take hold.


SLI Signature Programs and Services are designed to ignite passion and curiosity and build collective leadership capacity to affirm and sustain life in our organizations, communities and worlds.

We work with leadership groups and individual leaders in a variety of sectors, drawing on new frames of thinking and acting in a complex world. Through our consultations, workshops, dialogues, and classroom teaching we seek to create energetic, stimulating settings, where people explore challenges, generate solutions, and achieve results, all while expanding their self-awareness and heuristic leadership capacity.

Some of what we’ve been up to lately:

  • Convening a quarterly Sustainability Leadership Exploration Dialogue Series
    Leaders seeking to challenge ourselves and our current frames of "leadership" and "sustainability" as we think and act as a leadership collective in our dialogue circle, workplaces and communities, locally and globally.

    Join in the online conversations at Sustainability Leaders Online

  • University of Nebraska, Omaha 2012 Spring Semester class, Leadership for Sustainability is in full swing. See details in March 2012 Newsletter.

  • Facilitating Conversation Conferences for Environment and Sustainability across Nebraska (with the Joslyn Institute for Sustainability Communities)

  • Collaborating with the Green Neighborhood Council, Green Omaha Coalition

  • Building our Leadership Network to include leaders from Omaha to Portland, New York to San Francisco, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, China, the United Kingdom, Denmark and Italy. Contacts and inquiries are growing steadily.

  • Sustainability Leadership Book Project is now in Full Swing!

  • Publication for Sierra Club - Nebraska Chapter
    Kids R Sustainability Leaders

"SLI helped us look at ourselves, our organization and the world beyond. We are better able to see the big picture—who we are and where we stand with others in our work. Most importantly, we learned how to work creatively and productively in the tension of conflicting viewpoints."

Executive Manager

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